4 Things You Can Do With Your Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

3 min readMay 27, 2021


The Bored Ape Yacht Club has exploded onto cryptotwitter over the last few weeks. As the ape army grows, the BAYC avatars are spotted in an increasing number of spaces.

The BAYC website is amazing, the YouTube channel plays chill music and BAYC discord is one of the most welcoming in crypto. But you still may ask yourself “What can I DO with my ape NFT?”. Here are 4 ideas to help explore your new BAYC membership:

#1 Use the Bathroom

In the BAYC website’s bathroom, check out the artwork done by some of your fellow apes. With the ability to add one pixel to the “wall” every 15 minutes, you can show off your artistic (and patience) skills. As with IRL bathrooms, the creativity on display here can be borderline astounding. Here’s a screenshot of the current (May 27, 2021) state of the bathroom:

#2 Check Out Rarity.Tools

On the rarity.tools website you can do a deeper dive on features of your ape. In the upper left corner, type in your APE’s ID number and hit “Lookup” to find out more details about your bored buddy.

#3 Create Something

There are a number of projects being built in the BAYC space: sneaker projects, beer projects, and here’s the start of a Bored Ape Yacht Club in Sandbox:

#4 Explore Sites for Numerically-Inclined Apes

If you want a more quantitative look at the BAYC community, take a look at the NFTexp website. You can find info like “7 day sales volume”, “recent sales” and “highest price paid” for an primate. You can also locate a lot of ape data on sites like NFT-STATs and CryptoSlam.

The above list is the just the beginning of what you can do. While you are thinking of ways to add to the world of BAYC, listen to the music stream on YouTube. Also, be sure to explore the BAYC website, discord and twitter page to scratch your ape-idea itch. Good luck and stay epically bored.



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